Awkward Glances

April 5, 2009

Here’s something that really bothers me, and I always seem to be on the same side of this situation.

Say you’re sitting somewhere near other people, maybe a waiting room, a bar, a classroom, anything where there are other people. Obviously everyone takes a few looks around at everyone else for whatever reason; people watching is fun after all! However, anytime that I am minding my own business, and someone looks my way, my puma-like reflexes force my head into their direction at lightning speed. The problem here is that it appears that I was already looking at that person before their eyes locked onto mine.

So this stranger decides to look at me for whatever reason, and because of my ultra, Chuck Norris resembling motor skills, I turn out to be the creep that was staring the whole time.

This isn’t fair!

You looked at me first creep!

It is after this awkward eye-tag moment that I purposely stare at the stranger and make them feel very uncomfortable.

That will teach ’em.


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