Bad Drivers

April 5, 2009

At least once a week there is a day where everyone just seems to drive horribly. Maybe I’m the bad driver? I don’t think so. I know I have my moments, but there are some real crazies out here in Rhode Island.

Today’s culprit..the perpetual blinker. Guy leaves his right blinker on throughout his journey on the highway; even while he’s switching into the left lane. It’s not so much that I’m annoyed he didn’t turn it off (how do you forget it’s blinking ?!), but it’s just a tease. I stare at the blinking light the whole trip, I stay behind and just wait. I keep hope that maybe he’ll go right, but where?! Where are you turning right old man ?!

Jerk ..


3 Responses to “Bad Drivers”

  1. Tina Ricard said

    Well Said Bryan!! I always call that the old “taking a right turn around the world” driver…I do find it extremely annoying, but that it my biggest pet peave: bad drivers and even moreso, RUDE drivers…more specifically…bad/RUDE RI drivers! I usually refer to them as RhUDE Island drivers! I wish I could find a bumper sticker that reflects this!

    • bryanricard said

      It can easily be made.

      • Tina Ricard said

        Bryan, Thnx for the idea…I went in search of someone who could make that bumper sticker I wanted…I found someone! I had it custom made for under $10.00 bucks! It’s a “one-of-a-kind Original”!! They even spelled it just the way I wanted!! Thnx again!

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