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July 8, 2009

Every once in a while I observe a company logo or advertisement that simply amazes me; the amazement usually comes from its cleverness. I decided to start sharing these with everyone else and maybe see if anyone feels the same way.

One logo that I have always loved is up in Boston. It belongs to the Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries. Just so you know what they do, here is their Mission Statement found on their website: “Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries’ mission is to provide exemplary job training and related services to help individuals with disabilities and other barriers to self-sufficiency to achieve independence and dignity through work. Not charity, but a chance.”

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries

The first thing you probably see is half of a smiley face, I know that’s what I first noticed. A company with goodwill in the name that bears a smiley face in its logo, makes sense. I passed this sign multiple times and didn’t realize the actual beauty of it for a while. I appreciated this sign a lot more when I saw that the half-smiley face was actually a lower case g as well. This realization was quickly followed by a couple “Oh WOW!”‘s.

I will admit though that I was a little disappointed when I realized that it is simply the font that they chose. If you look at the word goodwill at the bottom of the logo, it’s the same g, meaning it was just the correctly chosen font. I originally thought there must have been some “sculpting” done to make the g look like a happy person. Either way, very clever. Designing ones own font or even finding the perfect one is something to be proud of. It is extremely hard to make a simple logo and have it convey so much just by looking at it. Mark this down as one of my favorites.

Do you have any favorites?