Mr. Clever

October 27, 2009

Every now and then you may come across an advertisement that just sticks. Thanks to the web we are granted the ability to see many that we have never crossed paths with. I just wanted to share one of my favorites with you:


Courtesy of

We all know who Mr. Clean is so there is no need for words, all that’s needed is the very recognizable Mr. Clean himself! This is a great demonstration of cleverly portraying the brand and what it is known for in a unique, high-traffic area. I’m not 100% sure this is real, though, because if companies could advertise on the streets like this we would see a lot more of it.

Either way, imagine walking across the street and seeing this, how could you forget it? With the possibility that the picture itself was used as an advertisement (billboard or posters), and not actually done on a public road, it’s still quite memorable.

Good job freaky bald guy.


Basking in visual success?

October 24, 2009

A recent trip to Patriot Place in Foxborough, MA, led me to place my eyes on the “not-so-new” Baskin Robbins logo. Forgive me for being more than a couple years late on this, but Baskin Robbins is not prevalent in my area so that is my excuse. In fact, according to BR’s (Baskin Robbins) store locator, the two stores closest to me are actually in seemingly hidden locations alongside Dunkin’ Donuts’; therefore I am excused, again.

Take a look at the old logo:

Now here is the fresh, new logo:

First thoughts?

They did a great job with the negative space in creating the “31” that you are seeing. My thoughts were “Oh isn’t that the place famous for 31 flavors?”

Which do you like better?

The old one has more of an old ice cream shop feel, very traditional, appealing typeface, and the semi-circle over the 31 has been said to symbolize an ice cream scoop. Overall, it’s nice.

The new one just screams childhood to me. Clearly, BR is focusing aggressively on a new market. Doesn’t this seem more appealing to the youth? Heck, if an old Baskin Robbins was right next to a new one with their respective logos, I’d stroll into the new one; I might even skip in. While this is more inviting, did they try too hard? Was that “31” put in there too forcefully? I think they’re right on the edge of that debate.

I’ve seen many complaints that the colors are two contrasting and it’s simply “too much”. Well those are there colors, slightly changed from the old logo, and they made it work. The 31 inside of the BR is clever, plain and simple. I enjoy it because I can look at this and see the 31, but then quickly change my focus to see the BR again, whereas in some logos or illusions it’s tough to see it the “normal way” when you’ve already seen the hidden picture.

What do you think of the logo? Do you think it’s working for them? Better than their very old logo?