Mr. Clever

October 27, 2009

Every now and then you may come across an advertisement that just sticks. Thanks to the web we are granted the ability to see many that we have never crossed paths with. I just wanted to share one of my favorites with you:


Courtesy of

We all know who Mr. Clean is so there is no need for words, all that’s needed is the very recognizable Mr. Clean himself! This is a great demonstration of cleverly portraying the brand and what it is known for in a unique, high-traffic area. I’m not 100% sure this is real, though, because if companies could advertise on the streets like this we would see a lot more of it.

Either way, imagine walking across the street and seeing this, how could you forget it? With the possibility that the picture itself was used as an advertisement (billboard or posters), and not actually done on a public road, it’s still quite memorable.

Good job freaky bald guy.


2 Responses to “Mr. Clever”

  1. I like this! Wouldn’t it be great if companies could really advertise directly on the road? Guerilla strategies at their finest.

    Nice post!

    • bryanricard said

      Hey Ashley,

      Thanks for the response. I actually think it’d be horrible haha. All we would see is advertisements everywhere. It’d be ridiculous, but it’ll never happen.

      However, companies that can find those little loopholes and advertise in public space, they will succeed. (Ex. KFC’s Potholes)

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