The Chris Brogan Effect

May 30, 2010

As part of my experience at Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University, I have been putting forth the effort to complete the accompanying homework assignments for each respective teacher. They took the time to share their knowledge on a specific topic, so in return I take the time to put their teachings to work and then link them to it via Twitter.

On May 19th, I completed the 3rd class on Social Media and Building Community taught by Chris Brogan. I did the assigned homework and Tweeted him with the link:

8 minutes later:

My immediate thought was *OH CRAP!* Why “Oh Crap” and not “YES!! WOOHOO!!”? I’ll show you why:

Normally, this would make for a phenomenal morning. Surely, my blog was going to receive a lot of hits from Chris’ tweets. The problem is I wasn’t ready. Sure I have good content in my blog posts, but the current state of my blog is not close to where I want it to be, yet. As soon as I saw Chris’ reply I came here and was scrambling around making tiny changes everywhere in order to make myself more presentable. I even changed my theme for a few minutes, but changed it back to the current theme after realizing I didn’t like it. Mainly, my bio page was out of date. The information displayed on my About Bryan page was from well over a year ago when this started out as more of a personal outlet and not so much a professional, career-building tool. I changed and deleted various parts of that page in order to give a better representation of who I am, what I do, and what I want to do in the future. Here’s what Chris did to my views graph that day:

This brings me to my final two points:

  1. Always be prepared – I was caught a little off guard as I am still in the process of creating my ideal blog/website and by not being 100% ready I may have missed out on potential opportunities. I’ve always believed that good luck comes to those who are ready to embrace it. You may know someone who seems to always catch a break and get awesome opportunities personally or professionally – but chances are they made the necessary preparations to take advantage of such opportunities when they came along.
  2. The Power of Twitter is Undeniable – All I did was send my homework to my teacher and my blog views per day skyrocketed (1800% increase if I did the math right).  It didn’t stop there – one of Chris Brogan’s followers came to my blog, found my post that was directed to a potential internship opportunity and offered me an internship. Crazy right? You never know who’s going to find you! Prepare yourself, expand your network, then recognize and embrace all opportunities!

Thanks Chris!

I believe this would be inbound marketing FTW!

Have you been hit by the Chris Brogan effect? Or has something similar happened to you because of one thing a social media giant did or said? Care to share your story?


4 Responses to “The Chris Brogan Effect”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris Brogan, Travis McCutcheon, David Eedle, Susan, Kadena Tate and others. Kadena Tate said: Ever been hit by the Chris Brogan effect? via/@BryanRicard @chrisbrogan […]

  2. love this story! and congrats/good luck on the internship.

    PS first time I’ve heard of Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University, now I’ve gotta check it out


    • Bryan Ricard said

      Thanks so much Rhonda. And yes check out IMU, the classes provide some really valuable information.


  3. You definitely have launched yourself into a great direction with both marketing and advertising. My favorite line of this blog was: “Prepare yourself, expand your network, then recognize and embrace all opportunities!”

    It is so critical to take advantage of all the opportunities social media offers us on a daily basis. (Thank you again for convincing me to join Twitter!)

    My story – Rather than waiting for opportunities to find me, I went out there and created them. By speaking to our marketing professor, I was able to land an internship at an ad agency. I have taken the opportunity to connect with all the employees and expand my network with every client we have. I am now being offered opportunities on a daily basis that I have dreamed about. Ex: I am now the social media director of my agency.

    I have taken the initiative to jump start my career and continue to constantly push myself forward. I know you do the same whenever possible. Best of luck with the new internship and keep aiming high Bryan. After all, we are the future leaders of our industry. =)

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