I created this blog to use as an outlet for all of the ideas that run though my head everyday – whether it’s a life lesson, a marketing idea, or completely random thought, it will be posted here. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the occassional swim in my pool of ideas, opinions, humor, and sarcasm.

Quick facts!

  • Rhode Island College Student – Double Majoring in Marketing and Operations Management
  • VP of Communications and Webmaster for RIC’s Chapter of the American Marketing Association
  • I have strong interests in advertising and consumer behavior
  • Branding, social media, inbound marketing, and integrated marketing communications intrigue me greatly
  • I smile uncontrollably when having a good conversation about marketing or advertising
  • I love to meet new people and learn new things – it brings new opportunities
  • I make every attempt to exude great confidence no matter what the situation
  • True New England Patriots fan (I love all Boston sports)
  • I love Family Guy
  • I read FML if I want a good laugh at the expense of someone else
  • I enjoy silly T-Shirts, even if I’m not the one wearing them
  • I feel slightly uncomfortable when a man chooses the urinal next to mine

9 Responses to “About Bryan”

  1. Jeff, Kate and Jake said

    something to add to “I feel slightly uncomfortable when a man chooses the urinal next to mine”.

    Things are worse when that person starts a conversation or just stands and winks.

  2. bryanricard said


  3. Mom said


    Thank you for just being you


  4. Allison said

    your duck creeps me out.

  5. bryanricard said


    That’s Nibbler. 😉

  6. Grammy & Papa said


    We can’t find the right words to say about you and your site except “totally awesome”.

    May you love the paths and roadways that you travel and always, always be you.


    Grammy & Papa

  7. Auntie Judi said

    Always remember, don’t ever forget, a day without sunshine is like…. night! ~Steve Martin~

  8. […] I didn’t like it. Mainly, my bio page was out of date. The information displayed on my About Bryan page was from well over a year ago when this started out as more of a personal outlet and not so […]

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