I have decided to extend an offer to any and all marketing-related bloggers – I will guest blog for you, FOR FREE! I know I know, 99.999% of guest posts are done for free, but I thought it sounded better than just saying I would do it.

The truth is, I want to do it. Currently, I write what I want to write, but I want to strengthen my writing and communications skills by adhering to another blogger’s standards and guidelines. I want to, ideally, be given an assignment of what to write about, or a specific set of questions to answer.

Why me? Surely I’m no superstar or social media giant. Having my name and my words on your blog won’t launch you to web stardom. However, this is what I can provide:

  • A perspective other than your own:¬†Everyone is different and lives through different experiences, even if we have learned all the same facts and concepts the past 10 years, I look at it a little bit different than you.
  • My blogging interests: inbound marketing, social media, advertising, networking, job/internship search, differentiation, motivation, and company logos. I have knowledge, experience, or great interest in any of the above.
  • Added value: People read your blog because you provide them with content they enjoy for various reasons. By having a guest blogger who provides related content from a different point of view, and even a different writing style, you are adding value to your blog; that’s a good thing.

If you are interested, please drop a comment here or contact me on Twitter! @bryanricard

I’m looking forward to working with you!